Caribbean Star and LIAT Surge Toward Merge

Caribbean Star Airlines and LIAT have taken another step to finalizing their merger. The latest development involves the publishing of the first schedule combining the flight operations of both carriers. The new schedule, which was made available for bookings as of January 14, becomes effective February 1, and maintains service to all 22 gateways previously served by both carriers. As a provision of the new schedule, all Caribbean Star and LIAT flights have been filed under LIAT's airline designator code: LI. New check-in and reservations procedures in line with Caribbean Star's migration to LIAT's "LI" airline designator code, Caribbean Star passengers will need to adhere to new check-in procedures. Beginning February 1, all Caribbean Star and LIAT passengers must check in at LIAT airport counters in 20 of the 22 destinations served by both carriers. The two exceptions are Curacao and Tobago where customers must check in at Caribbean Star counters. Visit [].

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