Cats and Dogs Welcome (and comfortable) at JFK

TWA Terminal at New York JFK Airport
Photo by littleny/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

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American Airlines has installed a new Pet Relief Area at the JFK International Airport in New York. Passengers with pets can now give their canine or feline travel companions a final chance to relieve themselves before packing them away in their kennels for the flight.

"American Airlines is sensitive to the needs of passengers who travel with their pets," said Joseph Daly, American's facilities maintenance manager at JFK. "Pets that travel have comfort needs, too, so we wanted to provide a way for them to be comfortable before boarding their flight, just like the rest of us."

The new Pet Relief Area is a 30-feet-by-50-feet enclosure, including a 1,000 square-foot patch of natural grass. It has a five-foot-wide entrance gate and features a walkway, two benches and a bright red fire hydrant. A "Mutt Mitt" dispenser is provided, together with a trash barrel at the gate for waste disposal. It is located on the front sidewalk of Terminal 8.

American worked with the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners in creating the area, and American's JFK terminal is now listed on the website.