China Southern Prepares to Launch New First Class and Business Class

In November, China Southern Airlines will launch new first and business class cabins with its recently acquired Airbus A330s. China Southern has adopted a three-class layout, with four seats in first class and 24 seats in business class. First class has tailor-made seats designed by Contour in Britain. Similar to a cocoon, each first class seat is 76.3 inches long and 27.5 inches wide and can be programmed to recline to 180 degrees. First class seating also offers a fold-down table, which is big enough for two laptops. There also is a closet where passengers can stow large personal luggage like coats. Business class seats have an inside length reaching 74.8 inches and a width of 23.6 inches. Also on board for long haul international flights are built-in seat back massagers in both first and business class. Visit [].