Etihad Airways Adds Flights at Dallas / Fort Worth

Dallas/Fort Worth airport
Photo by daveg147 via

Since 2003, Etihad Airways, the national airport of the United Arab Emirates, has been offering long-haul flights to the United States, providing service to an estimated 11.5 million passengers according to figures obtained in 2013. In response to recent demands from its business and leisure class passengers, the airline determined that it was only logical to offer daily flights to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. The newly expanded schedule will be instated beginning mid-April 2015. In the meantime, starting December 3rd, company planes will be making three weekly trips to the busy Texan hub. 

The airline’s president and CEO, James Hogan, explained that “the increased frequency also reinforces [Etihad Aiways’] commitment to the United States and will strengthen the country’s deep commercial and bilateral ties with the United Arab Emirates.” Moreover, further improvements will be made with regard to enabling more convenient connections for passengers by strengthening partnerships with Jet Airways and American Airlines (both companies are known to have equally large client bases passing through the Dallas/Fort Worth airport).