EU Announces New Airline Emissions Plan

More than 3,500 airlines and business jet operators globally will have to sign up to the new European Union Emissions Trading Scheme by 2012 or face either financial penalties or a ban, the EU has warned.

In its official gazette, the EU has published a list of operators—including Lufthansa, Qantas, KLM, Emirates and United—that could be penalized unless they comply. The list in the Official Journal of the European Union also includes hundreds of private business jet operators, as well as European airplane manufacturers Airbus and Dassault. The EU’s list of airlines that must take part in the program has been controversial because, aside from European operators, it also includes scores of airlines from other parts of the world flying into Europe.

The International Air Transport Association said airlines should submit their EU emission reports “under protest” but should first consult their legal departments.

Under the program, operators will have to submit plans for monitoring their emissions by January 2010.