EV Rental Expands Hybrid Fleet

EV Rental Cars, the nation's only rental car agency exclusively offering hybrid vehicles, is building its fleet in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. During the next six to 12 months the company will add as many as 500 hybrid vehicles to the EV Rental Cars fleet in Las Vegas alone, which is one of the top three highest volume rental car cities in America. A particular benefit of renting EV Rental Cars' hybrid vehicles is that these vehicles qualify for the carpool lane in California, even when the driver is the only occupant. The hybrid vehicles provided by EV Rental Cars include the Toyota Prius, Toyota Highlander and the new Honda Civic hybrid models. Each gets nearly 50 miles a gallon and has a range of about 600 miles per tank of gasoline. Both are half electric and half gasoline-powered cars that seat five passengers. Each is equipped with integrated charging systems, which mean they never have to be recharged from an outside source. Visit [www.evrental.com].

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