Fewer Flights, Higher Fares Expected for Thanksgiving Travel

Agents preparing clients' travel plans for Thanksgiving take note: there will be nearly 3,000 fewer domestic flights a day during the holiday week, with full planes and higher fares, USA Today reports. The decrease in flights compared to last year will result in 11 percent fewer flights and 2.6 million fewer seats, according to USA Today's analysis of flight schedules that airlines have filed with OAG-Official Airline Guide.

The primary reason for the decrease in flights and increase in fares remains the cut costs that  airlines have made to counteract high fuel prices which have reduced the number of flights and routes after Labor Day. The decrease in available seats will increase the price and make it more difficult for passengers to deal with delays, missed connections and cancellations.

On Thanksgiving Day, in comparison to last year, US Airways will reduce its flights by 40 percent, Delta Air Lines will decrease flights by 26 percent, and United Airlines will cut 22 percent. Flights between Charlotte and New York LaGuardia airport, as well as between Dallas' Love Field and Kansas City are expected to experience a halt or massive drop in flights this year. Meanwhile, there sill be no nonstop service between Chicago O'Hare and Spokane, WA.

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