Flying the Heavy Skies?

The British tabloid media this week reported that Air France will "force" overweight flyers to pay for two seats, or they will be prevented from boarding for "safety reasons."

Air France has officially denied the accusation, stating on their website that "Air France has no intention of making heavier passengers pay for a second seat."

In a statement, the airline continued: "Since 2005, Air France has been offering heavier passengers the possibility of purchasing a second seat at a 25 percent discount, to enhance their own comfort and safety...The only recent change to Air France’s policy on overweight passengers is to refund passengers the cost of the second seat, if the cabin is not fully booked." If the plane is fully booked, however, the passenger must still pay 3/4 of the total cost of the seat, adding hundreds of dollars to the trip.

Air France isn't alone. In April, 30,000 potential Ryanair passengers voted in favor of charging excess weight fees for very large passengers, and United announced that passengers unable to "fit into a single seat in the ticketed cabin" would have to purchase an extra ticket.

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