GroundLink Announces Continued Expansion of Regional Sales Offices in U.S.

carGroundLink, a tech-enabled provider of executive black car service in major cities around the world, just announced that it will be expanding in the U.S. with two new regional sales offices in San Francisco and Washington D.C

Tim Schwab, who was most recently the founder and CEO of the sales automation company Sales Beach, will lead the Western regional sales office of GroundLink in San Francisco.

In Washington, D.C., Michael Humbard will head up the Mid-Atlantic regional offices for the company. He was previously with Oracle and Concur and has experience in travel expense management. 

With the two new regional offices, GroundLink aims to make it more convenient for corporate travel managers to organize ground transportation for their clients. 

GroundLink, whose headquarters are in New York, also recently opened new regional sales offices in Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas