Industry Applauds Government's Holiday Air Travel Plan

Members of the travel industry, including airlines and the Travel Industry Association and Travel Business Roundtable, applauded President Bush's plan for the Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Defense to reduce air traffic congestion and airport delays during the holiday travel season. Bush has allowed commercial planes to fly in military airspace along the East Coast for five days, creating "Thanksgiving express lanes."

"President Bush's attention is welcome news, and recognition of the comprehensive approach that our government must take to improve the air travel experience on a permanent basis," said Roger Dow, president and CEO of the Travel Industry Association. "An efficient and secure air travel process is critical to the success of America's hotels, restaurants, theme parks and other members of the travel community."

The Travel Business Roundtable and the Travel Industry Association recently announced their intent to combine forces in large part because of rising concerns over the domestic travel process. Visit (DB)

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