Lufthansa Increases Fuel Surcharges


Prices of crude oil have risen by more than 50 percent since December 2008, resulting in higher fuel procurement costs for airlines. In response to this development in recent months, Lufthansa is increasing its fuel surcharge on domestic German and European flights by $3 to $24 per flight leg.

In the future, all fares to destinations in Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and North Africa will be calculated inclusive of the fuel surcharge for European flights. This will significantly reduce fares for flights to some of the above-mentioned countries, as previously the long-haul surcharge applied for these flights.

On long-haul routes, the current uniform fuel surcharge of $82 will be staggered according to zone. Three separate zones will apply for flights to:

o    long-haul destinations in the Middle East, East Africa (in future $77)
o    long-haul destinations in North America and India (unchanged, $82)
o    long-haul destinations in South America, Central-, West- and Southern Africa, Southeast Asia and the Far East (in future $92)

The new adjusted surcharges will apply to all tickets issued on or after July 2. All of the fares that Lufthansa offers or advertises already include the fuel surcharge. Lufthansa continually monitors oil prices and will make any future adjustments to the fuel surcharge dependent on further trends in the price of jet fuel.

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