National Car Rental App Adds "Virtual Aisle" Service

smartphoneNational Car Rental has added a "Virtual Aisle" to its mobile app at 19 U.S. locations, giving Emerald Club loyalty members the ability to see real-time inventory available at select airport locations, then choose and reserve the specific car they wish to drive.

National expedites the rental process for Emerald Club members by offering counter bypass as well as access to National’s “Emerald Aisle,” an exclusive section of the lot where members can select any vehicle as long as they reserve a mid-sized car. The National app’s “Virtual Aisle” provides members with similar efficiency and control over their vehicle selection at locations where Emerald Aisle service is not available.

National’s app premiered in 2013 with with features including rental tracking, Emerald Club profile management and rental facility locator, as well as a single location for travelers to manage their rentals. 

Other new features now active on National’s mobile application include optimization for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus; the ability to view details about past trips; utilization of iOS Touch ID to sign into Emerald Club profile pages; the option to rate a vehicle during the rental; and the ability to access FAQs and email customer service.

The “Virtual Aisle” feature was initially piloted in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Richmond, Virginia; and Omaha, Nebraska, and is now also available at National’s airport rental facilities in Knoxville, Tennessee; Norfolk, Virginia; Albany, New York; Buffalo, New York;  Rochester, New York; Little Rock, Arkansas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma;  Huntsville, Alabama; Greensboro, North Carolina; Long Beach, California; Honolulu, Hawaii; Tucson, Arizona; Reno, Nevada; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Mesa Gateway in Phoenix, Arizona; and Savannah, Georgia.


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