Rail Europe Announces New Eurostar Fares

New fares for the high-speed Eurostar train linking London with Paris and Brussels mean more options for low fares, greater flexibility in choosing travel time and increased availability of low-priced seats, according to an announcement from Rail Europe, Eurostar's North American representative. The new fares go into effect immediately. Previously the lowest fares required travel during non-peak periods and were all non-exchangeable, non-refundable. Now the lowest one-way fares (London-Paris or Brussels) start at $89 (standard class, like 2nd class) or $158 (1st class), and the lowest roundtrips are $96 (standard), $194 (1st class) without restrictions as to day and time of travel. Before, the lowest one-way fares were $90 (standard) and $170 (1st), and the lowest roundtrip fares were $90 (standard) or $190 (1st), but the one-way fares were restricted to travel on Monday–Wednesday 11 a.m.–3 p.m. and the roundtrips required a minimum one-night stay. There are also now nine roundtrip fares (all with no restrictions) compared to five (with restrictions) offered previously. Many of the roundtrip fares are now exchangeable and partially refundable, while before they were neither.

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