Rail Europe Announces New Routes

Rail Europe has announced new high-speed routes connecting major European cities. The new Thalys high-speed train routes connect the cities of Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Cologne, Liège and Aachen. Travelers can connect to as many as 17 cities with over 80 round trips per day. For example, the trip from Amsterdam to Brussels takes less than two hours, and visitors can go from Antwerp to Amsterdam in 72 minutes.

Rail Europe will waive the 15-day advance purchase requirement for agents who book tickets on agent.raileurope.com through December 13.

Beginning December 13th, new high-speed Thalys routes include:

*    Paris —Amsterdam: 3h, 18m

*    Brussels—Amsterdam: 1h, 3m

*    Brussels—Rotterdam: 1h, 1m

*    Antwerp—Amsterdam: 1h, 2m

*    Paris—Cologne: 3h 14m

*    Brussels—Cologne: 1h, 7m

*    Brussels—Aachen: 1h, 8m

*    Liège—Aachen: 1h, 2m

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