Report: JetBlue Pilot Released From Custody After Pleading Not Guilty By Insanity Defense


Airplane flying over a blue sky The Associated Press reports that a JetBlue Airways pilot who ran from the cockpit through the cabin was released Friday by a Texas judge.

Clayton Osbon was indicted for interfering with a flight crew, but was acquitted by insanity defense just five months ago. According to Robert E.H. Johnson, a forensic neuropsychologist who testified, Osbon had a "brief psychotic disorder" due to sleep deprivation.

U.S. District Judge Mary Lou Robinson, who set Capt. Osbon free on Friday, declared certain conditions for his acquittal. Osbon must first get permission from Robinson or his probation officer before he sets foot or flies a commercial or private plane. He will also be prohibited from contacting any passengers from the incident in March, ordered the judge.

After Friday’s hearing, Osbon left the courthouse without speaking to reporters and planned to drive 1,300 miles with a friend to his new home in Georgia, according to AP.

JetBlue spokeswoman Sharon Jones said that, while Osbon is still employed by the airline, he is listed on "inactive duty." Jones refused to tell reporters if the judge's order would lead to Osbon being fired.

Read AP's full story here.



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