Sabre Holdings Says US Airways Suit is Baseless

In a statement, Sabre Holdings said that it will defend itself against the US Airways lawsuit, saying that the suite possesses no merit.

"US Airways' antitrust claim against Sabre is baseless and without merit," the company said in a statement. "It is yet another misguided attempt by an airline to use the courts to undermine a market-driven distribution model that has brought competition to the airline industry by providing consumers and the third parties that serve them with the ability to quickly and conveniently comparison shop for services across hundreds of airlines around the world.

"Every day, Sabre competes with multiple global distribution systems, online aggregation tools, airline websites and other technologies for the business of thousands of travel buyers worldwide. Despite US Airways' erroneous characterization of its contract negotiations with Sabre and our other customer relationships, including suppliers, travel agencies, travel management companies, corporations, travel websites, tour operators and others choose to work with Sabre for one simple reason: they value the innovative products and services we provide.

"We intend to aggressively defend against US Airways' lawsuit, pursue our own legal rights, and take appropriate action to protect consumers' right to a transparent marketplace in which travelers can quickly and conveniently comparison shop among all competing airlines."




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