Social Media Improves Domestic Airlines' Customer Service Performance


Businesses are use social media for marketing, brand management and customer engagement. Consumers use it for networking, entertainment and now to reach out to businesses for support. The infographic above looks at how top US airline companies are using social media for customer support. The companies covered are American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Delta Airlines and US Airways. The selection is based on their social customer service performance in terms of their response rates and time.  

This week's winner is American Airlines (CS score of 70). The airline is leading in both response times and response rates, but the airline did not perform as well in the national airline quality rating which ranks 14 based on their offline customer service performance online. Currently in last place, with a CS score of 24, is Allegiant Air. This is a reflection of response rate and time which is below than what was expected of more than half of Twitter users using social media for support.

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