TIA Urges Presidential Candidates to Act on Air Crisis

The Travel Industry Association (TIA) urged the three remaining presidential candidates—Senators Clinton, McCain and Obama—to issue detailed plans to improve the air-travel system. The TIA’s action comes in the wake of the cancellation of more than 1,000 flights in the last 10 days, four airline bankruptcies and the proposed merger of Delta Air Lines and Northwest.

“The entire travel community—including hotels, rental cars, destinations, theme parks and, most importantly, travelers—is dependent on a safe, secure and efficient air travel system,” said Roger Dow, president and CEO of the Travel Industry Association.  “With respect to efficiency, today’s air-travel system is broken.  We pledge to travelers that we will work with them to break the logjam in Washington and make meaningful reforms to the air travel process.”

Action was urged on the three candidates to: Issue comprehensive plans by Memorial Day to fix major elements of the air-travel system during their term in office, demonstrate an understanding of the challenges that millions of American travelers are confronting each and every day, ensure that an improved transportation infrastructure is a major element of their party platform, and respond to a brief questionnaire that will enable voters to determine which candidate is the greatest champion of the traveler.

“Travelers are voters and approximately two million take to the skies each day,” said Dow.  “They are looking for a candidate that champions the needs of travelers and promises to build a travel infrastructure that our country can be proud of.” Visit www.tia.org.