Travelport and Rail Europe Unveil Ticketing Solution for UK Agents

trainTravelport and Rail Europe have created a new ticketing solution that will allow U.K. travel agents to print train tickets on watermarked paper in A4 format. It will allow faster and more efficient printing of train tickets.

With the new enhanced ticketing solution, Travelport-connected travel agencies in the UK no longer require specific bespoke printers as all rail tickets and passes --other than Eurostar group tickets -- can now be printed on value paper with standard laserjet desktop printers.

"We are really pleased we are able to launch the Value Paper Ticket solution to Travelport-connected agents in the UK. It allows for much faster and more efficient printing of train tickets,” said Paul Lacey, who heads up the sales department at Rail Europe.

Simon Ferguson, regional managing director for the UK & Ireland, Travelport, said the company was keen to provide the firm's Railmaster-connected customers with an effective, comprehensive ticketing offering. "We're delighted to be able to continue conveying innovative technological solutions that will assist our customers with driving their business forward," Ferguson said.

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