TSA to Expand Opportunities for PreCheck Enrollment

airport securityThe U.S. Travel Association and the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) offered support for the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) new TSA PreCheck initiative. 

The initiative will expand the ability to identify low-risk, trusted travelers and provide alternative ways for air travelers to apply for expedited screening

"This will allow new and more convenient ways for business travelers to enroll in TSA PreCheck. For example, we are hopeful that group enrollments will soon be performed at places of business, versus individual enrollments at TSA facilities," GBTA executive director and COO Michael W. McCormick said.

"This private-sector solution is a better, more efficient use of resources while still maintaining an emphasis on safety and security, which is of the utmost importance to GBTA," McCormack said.

"Thanks to the new TSA PreCheck Private Sector Pre-Screening initiative, more Americans who do not pose a security threat will be able to apply for expedited airport screening, making our skies more secure and travelers happier," said Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association

The new initiative leverages private industry best practices to identify and pre-screen low-risk, trusted travelers, providing an alternative method to apply for expedited screening beyond direct enrollment sites, Dow noted.

After the private sector pre-screening process has determined a traveler's TSA PreCheck eligibility, TSA will also conduct a security threat assessment, U.S. Travel noted.

"By safely increasing the opportunity for enrollment in TSA PreCheck private sector pre-screening will help make more Americans eligible for trusted travel while strengthening security measures. This is more evidence that with innovative policymaking, security and passenger convenience can both win," Dow said.

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