United Airlines Pairs With TSA on Automated Security Checkpoints

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United Airlines is partnering with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to modernize the airport security experience at several of the airline's major hub cities. The recently announced plans are just the newest phase of an ongoing strategy between United Airlines and the TSA to increase convenience as well as accuracy during expedited screenings. As part of the initiative, United Airlines will be introducing Automated Screening Lanes, TSA Precheck Enrollment Centers and redesigned and modernized security checkpoints.

The automated screening lanes will debut at Newark Liberty International Airport this fall. Once completed, the entire centralized security checkpoint at Terminal C in Newark will have 17 automated lanes. The new lanes allow up to five passengers to fill their individual bins simultaneously and move through the screening process more quickly, even if a TSA agent needs to perform additional screenings on a traveler further up the queue. The lanes will also use a parallel conveyor system to automatically return empty bins to the front of the queue. United also plans to install automated lanes at the Chicago and Los Angeles airports later this year.

Temporary TSA Precheck enrollment centers are scheduled to open at United Airlines’ signature space at New York’s Penn Station and in the lobby of the Willis Tower, located in downtown Chicago, this August. The off-airport sites allow flyers the opportunity to complete the entire TSA Precheck enrollment process without the need to visit an airport location. Permanent enrollment centers are scheduled to open at the airline's hubs in Chicago, Newark, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco later this summer.

In addition to the automated screening lanes and TSA Precheck enrollment centers, United Airlines and the TSA are modernizing security checkpoints to improve the customer experience by installing audio and visual enhancements to provide customers with more information. The airline is also consolidating four checkpoints into one, new centralized checkpoint at Newark Liberty and constructing a new customer check-in area and consolidated screening checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport. The airline and the TSA have also announced a plan to redesign security checkpoints at Chicago O’Hare.

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