United's Mileage Plus Program To Offer Rewards

Celebrating its 25th year, United's Mileage Plus program will now offer new rewards to frequent customers with no mileage redemption. Throughout the year, Mileage Plus members have up to four new opportunities to earn their choice of additional rewards including the chance to win a golfer's dream vacation to Hawaii or $250 Neiman Marcus gift card. These new rewards are in addition to miles members earn as well as other elite benefits they receive. Mileage Plus members can now choose a new reward when they reach each of the following milestones: 40,000 Elite Qualifying Miles or 40 Elite Qualifying Segments; 75,000 EQM or 75 EQS; 125,000 EQM or 125 EQS; and 300,000 EQM or 300 EQS.

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