Vegas Named Best U.S. City for Hailing a Taxi Cab

Taxi stand in Cornwell, EnglandIn an annual survey conducted by, more than 1,900 travelers from over 50 major cities in the United States rated cabs on seven categories, including cleanliness, value, quality of driving, knowledge of the area, friendliness, safety, and availability. Not surprisingly, Las Vegas topped the list, followed by New York. See why below.

Las Vegas

Attracting 30 million visitors per year, Sin City's cabs were voted best overall, with 2,000 cabs on the street at any given time. The Nevada TaxiCab Authority Industry Statistics reported 2.1 million cab rides in July. Survey results showed it ranked in the top three of all seven categories. Las Vegas beat out Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Orlando with 11.7 percent, voting it the city with the friendliest drivers.

New York

With more 13,000 yellow cabs populating the streets of New York, 42 percent of voters recognized the city for the best cab availability. New York also boasts the most knowledgeable drivers. On the other hand, 39 percent voted New York's cabs the worst in driving, and 38 percent voted its cabbies as the least friendly of all cities surveyed.


From the 1,900 surveyed, 10 percent used cabs in Mexico. Among the top five, other countries included the United Kingdom (six percent), France (three percent), Canada (three percent) and Jamaica (two percent).


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