XCOR to Complete Lynx Spacecraft as Company Moves to Midland, Texas in 2013

space exploration corporationXCOR Aerospace and Space Exploration Corporation (SXC) is completing the prototype of the Lynx spacecraft, expected to come out sometime after the summer of 2013. XCOR is simultaneously planning for the company's expansion to Midland, Texas later this year.

XCOR's new research and development flight test center will enable sustainable growth over the next few years. The new facility will allow for further growth of XCOR and the development of future products such as a fully reusable orbital system in the coming years.

Upon completion and after settling in to the new facility, XCOR will be able to present the Lynx to travelers at an unveiling event. The exact date of the event has yet to be determined.

The company states the move to Midland will affect the overall test program in a positive way. XCOR and SXC is keeping safety in mind as the company’s team progresses through the program.