Travel Leaders Group Releases “What Would You Do?” Survey

SurveyFor Travel Leaders Group’s annual survey this April, an anticipated 2,500 anonymous consumers will be asked to answer questions on topics ranging from common travel dilemmas to dream destinations, as well as traveling to Cuba and airport security policies.

The survey can be accessed via the following link:, as well as over social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, in emails to the company’s travel agency clients, and on its website.

Sample questions include:

- If you knew “selfie sticks” were prohibited and saw a tourist taking photos with one, what would you do? 
Have you ever taken a travel photo at a destination that prohibited all photos (such as the Sistine Chapel, England’s Crown Jewels, etc.)?
If you were at a major tourist attraction (like Rome’s Colosseum) and saw another visitor damaging the attraction, what would you do?
If you saw tourists taking highly inappropriate photos at a sacred site, would you say something?
On an airplane, who should get the armrests in the middle? 
If you encountered “seat sprawl” on an airplane, what would you do?
If the person in the airline seat in front of you reclined their seat so much that you were unable to lower you tray table or perhaps unable to open up a laptop, what would you do?
If someone gave you a knee defender to use on an airplane to limit the person in front of you from reclining, would you ever use it?
If the person behind you on a plane kept you from reclining, what would you do? 
If you could take a trip anywhere in the U.S., where would you choose to go? 
What is your ultimate dream international destination? 
If all travel restrictions are lifted, how interested would you be in traveling to Cuba? 
Because of recent terrorist acts taking place in popular international destinations, are you less likely to plan an overseas trip?