UPDATES: Shots Reported at LAX; Passengers Evacuated

CNN and other sources are reporting that parts of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) were being evacuated Friday morning after gunfire was heard at Terminal 3. A "ground stop" has been issued for planes scheduled to arrive at the airport, the Federal Aviation Administration announced, meaning that flights destined for the affected airport are held at their departure point. CNN is also reporting that access to the airport is currently restricted, causing traffic delays in the surrounding areas.

A source at LAX told The Los Angeles Times that two or three TSA employees were hit by gunfire. The Times later reported that a suspect was in custody and that police had had not found any other suspects after a search. Officials also told the paper that they did not know when flights would resume.

UPDATE: A TSA agent was killed and as many as three other people were wounded. The Times is reporting that the gunman is dead and did not have any readily apparent connection to terrorist groups. 

The airport's official Twitter feed had two tweets: "There is an incident underway at LAX. Law enforcement is on scene…Airport officials confirm police incident began at 9:30 a.m. @ Terminal 3 at LAX. More info to come." Several minutes later, airport reps posted the following updates: "All upper/departures level roadways are temporarily blocked by law enforcement. General public are being held back at law enforcement block…Other than arriving flights, flight operations have been temporarily held."

UPDATE: The airports Twitter feed now says that all exits to LAX from the 105 and 405 freeways are now closed or in the process of closing. "Avoid area."

NYCAviation, meanwhile, tweeted that "Passengers should consider LAX closed for security reasons and what will likely be full passenger rescreening and crime scene investigation...Reports indicate multiple injuries at #LAX. Several domestic airline flights held at origin and diverting due to the affected terminals." Subsequent tweets reported that some terminals have been secured, and that there is a ground stop for all Southwest flights flights and most inbounds from Western US origins. "Unconfirmed reports indicate suspect(s) approached security checkpoint and opened fire, possibly first at TSA agent."

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