Venice Copes With Severe Flooding

The U.S. east coast isn't the only place dealing with flooding: Reuters is reporting that Venice, the city of canals, is seeing its worst floods in two years, with water up to knee-high levels in many parts of the city. 

Much of Italy has been hit by heavy rain and strong winds over the past week, and the median level of the Adriatic Sea swelled to about 1.5 yards above normal, sending water from the lagoon into St. Mark's Square and many narrow alleyways.

Wooden catwalks which are usually used to allow pedestrian passage over flooded areas were removed after the water rose above them, rendering them useless. In some places, it was impossible to distinguish where canals ended and sidewalks began.

According to the AFP, The city has been wrestling with the problems posed by the threat of rising sea levels for years, and has launched an ambitious plan to build mobile barriers at the mouth of its lagoon and protect the city. About 3,000 people are involved in the "Moses" project, which costs $7.9 billion, and is scheduled for completion in 2014.