Stats: Half of Americans Won’t Fly for 60 Days After “All Clear"

It will take two months after experts give the “all clear” on the COVID-19 (coronavirus) restrictions before the majority of Americans will fly in a plane, according to recent research by independent marketing, advertising and public relations agency Mower.

Only 16 percent of respondents said they would fly in a plane on Day 1 after coronavirus restrictions are lifted. One-quarter (24 percent) said they would fly by Day 30, while 56 percent said they would fly by Day 60; an additional 31 percent say they are unsure and 13 percent said they “have/would never.” It’s even less likely that they will travel internationally. Just 12 percent would travel across borders on Day 1, 23 percent by Day 30 and 42 percent by Day 60. Further, 36 percent of respondents said they were unsure when they would resume international travel and 22 percent said they “have/would never.”

Americans’ likeliness to return to travel by car is much higher, however. More than one-quarter (28 percent) would vacation by car on Day 1, while over half (51 percent) would be traveling by car by Day 30. Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) would vacation by car by Day 60.

Interestingly, hotels have the slight edge—at least through the first month-plus—over privately owned vacation rentals when it comes to regaining the trust of American travelers. On Day 1, 30 and 60, hotels top vacation rentals, 18 to 17 percent, 40 to 35 percent and 65 to 53 percent, respectively).

As to where Americans are most likely to visit, a public park/beach and a bar/restaurant were the most common responses for all three time periods. Around one-quarter of respondents said they would visit a park/beach or bar/restaurant on Day 1 (26 and 22 percent, respectively); those numbers reach half of Americans by Day 30. Less common responses included visiting a museum, cultural or music venue, theme park, spa or casino—requiring until Day 60 for more than 50 percent of respondents to visit one of these locations.

Mower polled a random sampling of 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18 -plus regarding their comfort level returning to various common activities when COVID-19 restrictions ease. The online nationwide survey was conducted April 8-10, 2020. Responses were obtained using Dynata, a research panel provider.

Source: Mower

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