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Tail Me Tours Debuts on the Big Island

January 9, 2009 By: Mark Rogers


Greg Nottingham, a resident of Hawaii’s Big Island, is a man on fire with a new idea. “It came to me five days ago as I was driving past Starbucks and by the time I got to Ben Franklin’s it was fully formed,” he said.

Nottingham has a new concept in privately escorted sightseeing tours that he calls Tail Me Tours. The customer drives their own vehicle and follows or "tails" the Tail Me Tour driver. The customer and driver are kept in constant radio communication through the use of high powered two-way hands free radio clipped to the visor of the rental car, with a second radio clipped to the visor of the lead Tail Me Tour driver. The customer receives a full audio experience and guidance from the tour driver without that driver being present in the customer’s car.

A flat rate of $300 per vehicle per six to eight hour day applies regardless of the number of passengers in the customer’s vehicle. The drivers can also arrange to meet clients at the airport.

“I’m talking attaché all the way,” said Nottingham. “If the customer wants to make an unplanned stop— no problem. If they stop at the beach for a swim they have someone who can watch their valuables.”

Nottingham has already received interest from honeymooners who prefer a degree of privacy, and mothers traveling with infants who find the idea attractive because they won’t have to worry about lugging their child seat into a different vehicle. This is a fledgling company and the hiring of drivers is presently going full force, so it’s advisable to book as far in advance as possible. Tail Me Tours pays commissions to travel agents.

Agents can reach out with bookings and questions to Greg Nottingham, founder and president, Tail Me Tours at 808-333-4016, Greg’s email will change in a week or so to


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RE:Tail Me Tours Debuts on the Big Island
by: Jill Suzanne
January 16, 2009 - 6:59am

This sounds like what we have all been waiting for!!! Low cost, local knowledge, on-demand stops, a personal assistant, and.... all from the comfort of my own car??? UNBELIEVABLE!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@This type of innovation is just what this industry has needed for a long, long, time. My congratulations go out to TAIL ME TOURS and any other new company that innovates like this!!!

RE:Tail Me Tours Debuts on the Big Island
by: caroline from tx
September 21, 2009 - 10:36am

Our large family decided on touring with in August and had a terrific time. Not only was Brian informative and friendly, he was patient and fun - he became our extra photographer for many of our group pictures! We covered Hilo, Puna District, Kalapana Lava Flow, and Beaches. It was worth the price and had a great driving experience - thanks for the secret stops and amazing views...would highly recommend this tour for anyone.

RE:Tail Me Tours Debuts on the Big Island
by: Daniel Porter
June 22, 2009 - 6:57pm

This is really the most affordable, convenient and simple yet unique way to spend a day sightseeing. I would highly recommend this service.