Renowned Hotel Owners Combine Forces

Roberto Wirth, owner and general manager of the respected Hotel Hassler Roma has agreed to work hand-in-hand with fellow dignified hotelier Moreno Occhiolini on a project to create a new chain of luxury hotels called Hassler Hotels and Resorts.

The destinations of this new chain of hotels will be featured in major cities surrounded by business and leisure such as New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, London, Zurich, Doha and Jeddah. The resort will be housed in historical buildings to go along with the theme of the Hassler Roma hotels. The goal behind this new chain of hotels is to exemplify Hassler Roma's standards of location, service, personality and refinement.

In celebration of the creation of this new hotel, Wirth and Occhiolini got together in a roundtable with multiple hotel industry leaders, as well as Italian visionaries in business, finance, journalism and tourism.

"The next step is for the Hassler to grow and expand its own brand; I have known Moreno Occhiolini for many years and recognize in him the right qualities and vision for this ambitious endeavor," said Wirth. "He believes, as I do, in the utmost in quality and service when it comes to hospitality."

The opening of this chain of hotels around  the world will flourish and be recognized as a luxury resort in the near future.