Crystal Reveals New Website, Celebrates 20 Years, Adds New "Inclusives"

Travel Agent's Susan Young was onboard the Crystal Serenity for Crystal Cruises' 19th annual trade gala. Over the three-day event, Young reported what is new at Crystal and what's ahead.

On the first day, Young attended a fun and light welcome event at which Crystal officials spoke about a new website and how 2009 differs from 2008.

Young reported on her second day about Crystal's 20th anniversary and what the line is offering in celebration, as well as Crystal's new Exotic World Cruise.

Young's final update includes interviews with Gregg Michel, the president of Crystal Cruises, and reveals why the line does not have a new ship coming out this year. Michel also spoke of what sort of "inclusives" can be expected on 2009 and 2010 sailings.

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