10 Safety Tips for Winter Travel

Fremont Insurance offers 10 safety tips for winter driving.

Millions of Americans will choose to drive to family gatherings rather than fly this holiday season, according to AAA. Over the Thanksgiving weekend AAA predicts about 38 million people or 90 percent of Thanksgiving travelers will be on the road.

1. Limit driving in bad conditions. If you must drive wait until the roads have been sanded.

2. Don’t assume your four-wheel and front-wheel drive vehicles can handle every condition. Don’t give yourself false sense of security.

3. Don't use cruise control or overdrive, which can increase your chance of losing control in slippery conditions. 

4. Watch for slippery bridge decks and other areas prone to slickness.

5. Give yourself more time to break. Do not pump anti-lock brakes.

6. Avoid abrupt lane changes.  There may be a snow ridge between lanes.  

7. Give maintenance vehicles and snowplows at least 200 feet.

8. Look way ahead to give yourself extra reaction time.

9. Drive slowly.

10. Use your lights.

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