'Bachelorette' Expected to Boost Tourism in Curacao

Just as it did for such Caribbean islands as Anguilla, Puerto Rico and St. Lucia, ABC’s Bachelor/Bachelorette series is expected to give Curacao’s tourism numbers a major push when The Bachelorette’s first episode in Curacao airs July 9.

As the competition heats up to win beautiful Bachelorette, Emily Maynard’s heart, so does the temperature, as the ABC show travels to one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets.

Curaçao is the perfect romantic destination for Maynard and her remaining suitors to continue their world tour as the finale draws ever closer.

Maynard’s search for true love continues as the suitors check into one of Curaçao’s most luxurious resorts, the Sandton Kura Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club. Located on the scenic West side of the Island, the beachfront lodge is a tranquil retreat offering a stunning location from which Maynard and her suitors can explore the island and ramp up the romance on a series of exciting dates.

Maynard and her date will set a course for love on a romantic cruise on the Sailing Ship Insulinde with its billowing sails, offering a different perspective on the island. A visit to the island’s Dolphin Academy will see Maynard’s date compete for her attention with some of the sea’s most intelligent mammals. The wet-and-wild adventures continue on-board the Jonalisa catamaran with Bounty Adventures, where Maynard and her date get the chance to discover some of Curaçao’s over 500 species of fish and healthy, colorful reef formations on a snorkeling trip.

As the sun sets on the island, Maynard will enjoy a romantic meal at one of Curaçao’s most historic restaurants – De Gouverneur. Located on the waterfront in Curaçao’s capital, Willemstad, a UNESCO World Heritage city, the restaurant is situated in an 18th century building overlooking the bright lights of the famous city scape, Handelskade, with its brightly colored façade of buildings and unique moving bridge allowing entry for ships into the harbor.

The Sculpture Garden at the Kura Hulanda Hotel provides the atmospheric setting for what is sure to be an emotional rose ceremony as the finale draws ever closer.

Following St. Lucia's featured appearance on the 2010 season of “The Bachelor,” four hotels that were featured on the show, including the luxurious Jade Mountain and Cap Maison, had been 100 percent for months. Also, the tourism board's web site went from 5,000 to 68,000 total hits From March to June of 2010.

The Bachelor also arrived at W Retreat & Spa – Vieques Island in Puerto Rico earlier in the year to tape episode five of their top-rated reality show. It aired January 30.

While in Vieques, fan-favorite Ben Flajnik hosted his group of potential mates as they explored secluded beaches, indulged in treatments at the Retreat’s AWAY Spa, dined on cuisine from Alain Ducasse’s miX on the beach, and lounged in guest rooms designed by Patricia Urquiola.

And, as Travel Agent recently covered, fans of reality television can easily be swayed to visit a destination featured on one of their favorite shows. The exposure nearly tripled Internet traffic, increased bookings and increased occupancies in the aftermath of the show’s airing.

In 2011, Anguilla was among the destinations featured in the 15th season of The Bachelor. Anguilla was selected to appear on the show for its white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, luxurious resorts, and welcoming hospitality. The Bachelor that season, Brad Womack, and his bachelorettes enjoyed a romantic escape to the Caribbean island.

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