Bermuda Offers Cash Incentives to Destination 'Ambassadors'

The Bermuda Department of Tourism is offering a new cash incentive for your visiting clients, as well as Bermuda residents, with the launch of the “Feel the Love Rewards” program.

The program rewards “friends of Bermuda” who bring visitors to the island by giving them cash back for every person who visits.

The “Feel the Love Rewards” program offers easy-to-reach, tiered monetary incentives for Bermuda ambassadors. The first level offers a $25 per person reward for a minimum of 15 visitors that you bring to the island over a 12-month period, and the monetary rewards increase with the number of guests you bring.

Additional levels include the Gold level, which provides $30 per person for 25 to 34 travelers; and the Platinum level, which offers $40 per person for 35 to 49 visitors.

“Feel the Love Rewards” ambassadors who secure more than 50 visitors will reach the Diamond level, where they can earn $50 for each traveler. That’s a minimum total of $2,500 for bringing 50 confirmed visitors to Bermuda. All visitors must arrive by air and stay at a Bermuda hotel property as verified by the Bermuda Department of Tourism. Cruise visits do not qualify.

In addition to the first tier of a $25 reward per person for a minimum of 15 visitors, the “Feel the Love Rewards” incentive program offers incentives to the monetary reward based on the number of visitors brought to the island. Additional levels include the Gold level, offering $30 per visitor when securing 25-34 travelers to the island and the Platinum level, providing $40 per visitor when securing 35-49 visitors. At the Diamond level, which includes securing 50 visitors or more, Bermuda “ambassadors” can earn $50 for each traveler, creating a minimum total of $2,500


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