Bermuda to Advertise Through Cablevision




Bermuda will be the latest travel destination to be featured as part of Cablevision's advertising television platform, delivering luxury travel information and programming to Cablevision's digital cable viewers. The Bermuda experience content will appear on, Cablevision's Market Showcase, and will also utilize Cablevision's Power :30 commercials, which will allow consumers to interact with the TV advertising by telescoping directly from 30-second spots to Bermuda Tourism content.

Beginning this month, a series of original long-form videos produced by highlighting the many attractions and activities in Bermuda will be available to Cablevision's digital cable viewers. Videos include insights regarding the unique fragrances blended at the Bermuda Perfumery, what ingredients go into making a tasty "dark and stormy," the origin of the Bermuda shorts, why St. George's is so famous, what's inside the Crystal Caves and lots more on cricket matches, vibrant reefs and spa treatments.


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