Boeing Goes Green With Hawaii Bioenergy

Boeing announced a collaborative agreement to work with Hawaii BioEnergy for creating sustainable aviation fuel.

Boeing and Hawaii BioEnergy will look at various crops, including sorghum and eucalyptus, as potential sources to grow locally and convert to jet fuel. The collaboration will also look to assess new supporting technologies for aviation biofuel production.

Being an island state with a strong U.S. military presence and a dependency on imported energy, Hawaii's bioenergy development initiatives can help create new regional resources, while providing a boost to the local economy. Hawaii BioEnergy, which is at the forefront of the development of a biofuels industry in Hawaii, is a leading renewable energy supplier to the Hawaiian Electric Company.

"We are looking forward to working with Boeing in addressing Hawaii's energy needs, particularly for aviation fuel," said Hawaii BioEnergy's Chief Operating Officer Joel Matsunaga. "We have the opportunity to shape a more sustainable energy future for our children and generations to come in Hawaii while creating economic growth for the State."

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