Cameras 'Most Likely' to Go Astray on Holiday

cameraThe Daily Telegraph, June 5, 2013

A camera is the item most commonly lost on holiday, according to a survey.

The recent study suggested that more than a third of people had lost an item during their summer break.

Thirty five per cent of respondents in the poll carried out by the online travel agency said they had lost something while on holiday, with cameras being the most likely item to go astray.

The next thing most likely to go missing is a wallet or a purse. People were more likely to keep a tighter grip on their passports, however, which represented only four per cent of items lost.

Around 40 per cent of missing items were later recovered, those taking part in the survey said. Around 52 per cent said the item had just "turned up" where they'd left it, while 24 per cent said the missing object had been handed in at their accommodation.

Of the 1672 who answered the queries, four reported losing a child while they were away, but with a 100 per cent recovery rate.

Here is the list in full:

1. Camera – 32 per cent

2. Purse/wallet – 29 per cent

3. Sunglasses – 27 per cent

4. Ring - 24 per cent

5. Swimwear - 21 per cent

6. Mobile phone - 18 per cent

7. Shoes - 15 per cent

8. Watch - 11 per cent

9. MP3/iPod - 9 per cent

10. Passport - 4 per cent