Cancun Social Networking Conference Held Nov. 25-26

The Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau will host the The Cancun 2011 First International Social Networking Conference from Nov. 25-26 at the Cancun Convention Center.

This international meeting will bring together leading figures of Mexico's social networking scene, as well as businessmen and media representatives. Lecture and workshop topics are: "Work Ethic in Social Networking," "The Online Phenomenon of Express Newspapers and BlackBerrys," and "Legal Framework of Social Networks in Mexico," among others.

These conferences will be chaired by the likes of Ricardo Garza, editor of the Revista GatoPardo in Mexico and Juan Pablo Mirabent, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate in Cancun. Other local celebrities who will be in attendance include Anahí, to speak about the more than 2-million Twitter followers he has and Antanás Mockus, the twice elected mayor of Bogota, Colombia, with a video about the power of social networks in a political campaign.

The conference will also feature an event called Cancun & Riviera Maya Social Nets Fest held inside the beach club and nightclub, The City, located in the heart of Cancun's hotel zone.

Registration and information for the confrence, as well as special rates for lodging, are available at