Martinique Announces New Screening Measures for Visitors

Saint Pierre, Martinique // Photo by Damien VERRIER/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The Martinique Tourism Authority, the Port of Martinique and the Martinique International Airport are closely monitoring the island’s points of entry to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of its residents and visitors.

As reported by the director of the Regional Health Agency’s, the island is and remains in Stage 1 of a three-stage prevention protocol established by the French Government in 2009 following the H1N1 flu epidemic. Stage 1 is prevention and all procedures and protective measures are in place:  

  • All disembarking cruise passengers are being systematically screened. Anchorage, to come ashore for smaller luxury boats, is no longer permitted; they must go to port terminals to be screened by the Regional Health Agency of Martinique.
  • Safety protocols are posted and implemented in all marinas and small ports.
  • As of Thursday, March 5, sanitary measures are being enforced by the Regional Health Agency of Martinique with the presence of firefighters.
  • Since February 29, prevention notices have been posted at the airport and since March 4, airline passengers are given these notices prior to landing.
  • Additional sanitary inspectors have been positioned at the airport.
  • Martinique's main hospital is prepared for any changes in this sanitary crisis, readied isolation units and expanded it testing capabilities.

On March 10, three confirmed cases of COVID-19 were announced by the Regional Health Agency in Martinique. These three cases are currently in isolation at the CHU Martinique Hospital, La Meynard, in a special and sheltered quarantine unit.  

Speaking on the topic, the director of the Martinique Tourism Authority François Baltus-Languedoc said, “it is very important that our guests be aware that the regional and tourism authorities are prepared and have taken in the last weeks all the necessary steps to prevent and contain the virus.” 

For more information, visit www.martinique.gouv.

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