Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Launches Artemis-Themed Adventure

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is inviting guests to participate in an educational space expedition called “Artemis Mission Manual Scavenger Hunt." The family-friendly activity offers an opportunity to explore the visitor complex in a new way. Artemis I is the first in a series of missions that will enable human exploration to the Moon and Mars.

Included with admission, and running through August 7, 2022 guests will begin their Artemis-themed adventure with a commemorative activity booklet. Six education stations placed throughout the complex will teach participants about the different stages of the Artemis program, including “Explore Ground Systems,” “Space Launch System," “Orion," “Lunar Landers," “Gateway” and “Artemis Generation Spacesuit." Space explorers will watch videos and complete tasks to collect booklet stickers along the way. Once all mission stickers have been collected, guests can head to the Space Shop and show their completed booklets to receive a prize.

During the final weekend of the month-long “Artemis Mission Manual Scavenger Hunt”, August 5-7, the visitor complex will host an “Artemis Block Party," complete with street performers, DJ dance parties and fun activities, including prizes, from noon to 5 p.m.

Guests can also see real flight-flown space hardware, besides mockups of equipment that will be used for the Artemis missions in the recently opened “Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex." Objects including the “LIFE Habitat Cut-Away," a scale model of a habitat designed for four to 12 crew members for long-duration space missions, and the “Lockheed Martin Space Habitat," a full-scale mockup of what a habitat orbiting the Moon can look like can be explored. A scale model of the NASA space launch system rocket that will launch the Artemis I mission is also on display in Gateway, besides the flight-flown Orion EFT-1 capsule. The Orion spacecraft will play a key role in NASA’s Artemis missions.

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