Croatia Launches New Tourism Marketing Campaign

The Croatian National Tourist Board has announced its newest marketing campaign, Croatia 365, with a pilot program that aims to strengthen brand awareness, focusing on local products and experiences offered during pre and post-season in Croatia. 

The program, Croatia 365, is based on 22 destinations within the country and focused on six different themes (culture, gastronomy and wine, cycling, business trips, wellness and health, active holidays) aimed at building year-round tourism.

This new concept seeks to position Croatia as a country that offers tourism products outside the main tourist season to ultimately extend the tourism season and increase tourist traffic. In implementing this new program, Croatia is aiming to cater to special interest markets by presenting them with customized travel options geared toward their specific preferences.
The implementation of the pre and post season concept is planned in several phases, starting from the post-season 2014, followed by a full implementation in 2015. A new subpage was added to Croatian National Tourism Board main website, “Seasons”; identifies six product lines across all the 22 destinations.
In order to ensure successful market communication, destinations must receive certification to participate in the pre and post-season program which will improve their visibility and include them in all marketing activities related to the campaign.

"As we have previously seen, this market already responds well to year-round travel initiatives and we feel that this campaign provides a wonderful opportunity to further the efforts of Croatia Tourism and effectively engage the North American market," Ina Rodin, director of North America for Croatian National Tourist Board, said in a statement.
The Croatian National Tourist Office New York is a part of the Croatian National Tourist Board, in charge of the North American and Canadian markets for promotion of Croatian Tourism. 

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