American Cruise Line Expands Its Eagle Society Loyalty Program Offerings


American Cruise Lines introduced a renewed loyalty program offering new premium benefits for members. The Eagle Society now provides an expanded list of special benefits, including:

Complimentary cruise – Upon completion of 10 cruises with American Cruise Lines, Eagle Society members are rewarded with a complimentary cruise.

Complimentary shore excursions – After an Eagle Society member has cruised three times, shore excursion fees are waived on all cruises booked thereafter.

Special Eagle Society gifts – Member gifts range from customized officers jackets to champagne.

Membership identification – Customized luggage tags indicate Eagle Society belongings and special nametags indicate the number of cruises taken by each member.

Invitations to exclusive Eagle Society cruises – Each year, several dates are chosen for exclusive Eagle Society member cruises. These unique sailings are hosted by company executives and include special tours, receptions and entertainment.

Hometown VIP access – When a ship is in a port near a member’s hometown, American Cruise Lines extends a VIP invitation to come aboard for lunch or dinner.

Non-guest visitation and dining– When in port, members may invite friends or family aboard for a tour of the ship or to join them for meals.

Eagle Society-only savings and promotions – Members are privy to various special offers. 

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