American Cruise Lines Riverboat Stuck on Sandbar; No Injuries or Damage Reported

American Cruise LinesAmerican Jazz became stuck on a sandbar in Lake Barkley in Tennessee on Thursday, July 8, and tugs were called in to assist the boat off the sandbar. With that said, things are taking longer than expected to free the riverboat, a spokesperson for the company told Travel Agent.

“Work is progressing well in assisting the American Jazz off the sandbar in Lake Barkley, but the effort is taking longer than expected. We are working with the Coast Guard to disembark guests this morning via tender and have them proceed to Nashville, where they will be able to participate in regularly scheduled shore excursions,” American Cruise Lines said in an update Friday morning. “There remains no damage to the vessel, no pollution, and no other resulting areas of concern. American Cruise Lines has been operating in Lake Barkley for almost 10 years and while we regret this incident, we look forward to continuing to visit and explore the wonderful ports and communities along the Cumberland River with our small riverboats.”

According to a news release from the Coast Guard: American Jazz hit the sandbar near mile marker 62 on the Cumberland River outside the ship channel. It is carrying 120 passengers and 54 crewmembers. The river vessel has a capacity of 190 passengers.

The Coast Guard adds that the cause of the incident is under investigation.

American Jazz was operating its new eight-day “Music Cities” cruise from Memphis to Nashville, TN. The sailing is expected to continue with a few adjustments, once the vessel is freed from the sandbar. Lake Barkley was scheduled for Day 4 of the sailing; additional ports of call for the remainder of the river cruise included Dover, Clarksville and Nashville.

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