Aqua Expeditions Announces Fund for Families of Aqua Amazon Victims

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Aqua Expeditions Founder and CEO Francesco Galli Zugaro has announced the establishment of a Family Support Fund for donations to the families of victims of the Aqua Amazon accident. The new fund is in addition to financial support for the injured and families of the deceased from the line, Aqua Expeditions said. 

On July 16, during the regular turn-around and restocking of the Aqua Amazon, an explosion occurred that caused the boat to sink. No passengers were onboard but there were crew members who lost their lives and others who were injured.

"We received an overwhelming amount of love and support from former guests, friends and colleagues in the travel industry in the wake of this horrible tragedy," said Galli Zugaro. "Many asked how they could help, so we created the fund to provide a means for those who would like to support the families."  Information on how to donate can be found on the company's website:

Aqua Expeditions has also released the following update: 

Of the five Aqua Amazon crew that were missing, three bodies were found and two remain missing. The names of the deceased are:

Antonio De Vasconcelos: Head Cook; 9 years with the company
Aquiles Ramirez: Head Bartender; 9 years with the company
David Luna: Cook; 3 years with the company
Omar Da Silva: Support Personnel; 2 years with the company
Anthony Farro: Cabin Steward; 1 year with the company

The two supplier victims who were missing have both been found. They were:

Teofilo Yahuarcani: Food Supply, JC Transport Company Dania
Sandino Solsol: Fuel Supply, Officer Transport Company

In total, 11 Aqua Amazon crew were injured; three have been evacuated to Lima; all others have been released from hospitals and are expected to make a full recovery. Of the suppliers injured and hospitalized two are recuperating in clinics and expected to make a full recovery. 

The company's other vessel on the Amazon, the Aria Amazon, is operating with a full crew and guests along its regularly scheduled itinerary. All safety procedures are in place and additional precautions have been made to go above and beyond the company's operating standards to provide additional peace of mind for both crew and guests, Aqua Expeditions said.

Aqua Expeditions is committed to cooperating with the authorities to determine the cause of the accident, said Galli Zugaro.