Aranui Looks to Bolster Interest in French Polynesia

Aranui 3 has hired veteran marketing and public relations firm KTCpr to wage a public relations strategy to counter the 'been there, done that' syndrome in regards to cruise Travel.

"Travelers for whom cruising has become a way of life are always seeking new, exciting experiences such as the Aranui 3, which is a rare gem waiting to be discovered," said Richard S. Kahn, president and founder of KTCpr.  "The lush, scenic beauty and cultural mystique of the Marquesas Islands are beyond compare. And it's guaranteed to make an intriguing vacation tale as too few have been there 'let alone heard about it, since the Aranui 3 is currently the only means for passengers to traverse this enchanting journey," noted Kahn.

While the Aranui serves dual purposes as a passenger and cargo vessel, the state-of-the-art ship is specially designed to maximize space and comfort for its cruise passengers. Spacious suites, elegant French and Polynesian cuisine and numerous amenities provide the perfect environment from which guests can take in views of pristine lagoons and soaring mountain spires.

With the help of KTCpr, this remarkable experience will become available to customers of travel retailers throughout North America. In addition to travel agent trade awareness, KTCpr will launch a major consumer campaign to build recognition for the Marquesas Islands as well as the Aranui 3 to help generate sales.

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