Azamara Offers Agents Direct Access for Booking Cruises

Azamara Cruises has enhanced its offerings for travel agents who use various electronic systems for booking cruises. Azamara bookings were originally made via Celebrity Cruises’ systems, but Azamara has completed a project to separate Azamara Cruises from Celebrity, simplifying and streamlining its cruise-booking process.

“As the Azamara experience itself has evolved over the past year, so has the Azamara booking experience that we offer our travel agent partners,” said Dondra Ritzenthaler, Azamara’s senior vice president of sales. “Previously, Azamara’s ships were listed within Celebrity’s fleet, but now, they stand alone. This makes for a more seamless and rapid access to Azamara’s cruise offerings, ultimately helping travel agents work more efficiently.”

The systems that now offer direct access to Azamara’s cruises include a variety of third-party booking tools that offer travel agents the ability to view real-time pricing, browse inventory and make and modify reservations 24 hours a day. These include the company’s popular proprietary tools, and CruiseMatch, as well as industry-wide systems Sabre CruiseDirector, Sabre Cruises, Amadeus Cruise, Galileo LeisureShopper, Travelport Cruise & Tour, and Revelex, to name a few.

Azamara Cruises offers itineraries to enchanting Europe, elite Asia, and the most captivating Caribbean and the Panama Canal. The line also offers unique cruisetours in Asia and Europe.


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