Brownsville, TX Interested in Adding Cruise Port

The Brownsville Navigation District (Port of Brownsville) has contracted for a preliminary feasibility study to determine its potential as a turnaround port or port of call for cruise ships, according to Donna Eymard, deputy port director.

The Passenger & Shipping Institute and Maritime Directions Management Corp have been selected as consultants. Passenger & Shipping is headed by Jay Lewis, a recognized expert in the cruise industry who will provide the marketing feasibility. Maritime Directions is led by Chuck Towsley, former firector of the Port of Miami. He will provide the hands on operational expertise.

Eymard said that this is a project that has been under consideration for some time and that the growth of the cruise industry makes the timing perfect. She noted that over the last 10 years 118 new cruise ships have been added to the world fleet according to Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). "We believe that the District is well positioned geographically to attract cruise ship operations and we are prepared to make it happen," she said.

The Brownsville Navigation District is in the southwest corner of Texas near the resort area of South Padre Island and includes the Port of Brownsville.