Carnival Completes First Phase of GoCCL Enhancements

As part of its ongoing travel agent outreach program, Carnival Conversations, Carnival Cruise Lines completed a variety of enhancements planned for, its travel agent Internet portal. This first phase was completed by the line’s target of mid-October.

New enhancements include:

·         Streamlined stateroom display and selection, offering additional convenience for travel agents to search for accommodations by deck in order to match their clients’ needs more quickly and easily.

·         Rate selection is now more customized with the implementation of pre-selection filters for military, senior, resident and interline rates, as well as Carnival’s Very Important Fun Person (VIFP) guest recognition program, enabling travel agents to return the best rates for their guests.

·         Simplified “change of occupancy” process with the addition of an “add guest” option. This will allow travel agents to add up to three additional guests to an existing booking. 

·         Ability to decrease group allotments to less than eight cabins.

·         When cancelling a booking, travel agents will now receive a message confirming that any additional funds are being refunded.

·         Travel agents without ACH access may now use FunShipPay for credit card and gift card payments.

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