Carnival Corp. Adds Ocean Medallion Features to Port Everglades

Carnival Corporation has completed an extensive, multimillion-dollar redesign and upgrade of Cruise Terminal 2 at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Used exclusively by the company’s Princess Cruises brand, the upgraded terminal now has a more streamlined departure design, interactive experiences, a movie theater and more comfortable pre-boarding areas.

The transformation includes the addition of Carnival Corporation’s proprietary xIoT (Experiential Internet of Things) network, which is activated by the Ocean Medallion. As a result, guests sailing on Medallion Class ships will enjoy expedited boarding and a more personalized arrival experience as soon as they enter the terminal.

That includes interacting with their Ocean Tagalong on a large LED screen (8’ 3” tall by 53’ 5” wide) that surrounds the Ocean Portal area where guests enter after clearing the security and check-in area. 

Ocean Tagalongs are digital companions that guests create and personalize using the SocialOcean app – available for download through the Apple App Store and GooglePlay. Guests can select from among three sea creatures – Sea Turtle, Seahorse or Butterfly Fish – to best reflect their personality or mood, then further customize their Ocean Tagalong by body shape, color, pattern, markings and more. 

Guests’ Ocean Tagalongs take center stage on the Ocean Portal screen in the heart of the terminal as the avatars of guests in the immediate area appear in an animated ocean setting that aims to create an excellent photo moment.

For guests wanting to stay connected prior to boarding their cruise, Terminal 2 now has Carnival Corporation’s new MedallionNet, a new Wi-Fi connectivity service. MedallionNet provides cruise guests in the terminal and onboard Medallion Class ships with Wi-Fi that has upgraded speeds, bandwidth, stateroom signal strength and service consistency.

That connectivity also lets guests enjoy the company’s portfolio of original mobile games before and after boarding. PlayOcean Everywhere has four social casino games that can be played anywhere at any time with virtual currency, in addition to in-app purchases. 

On the first floor, guests also can relax in the OceanView Theater – a cinema that showcases the originally produced Ocean Original travel series. The terminal’s second level offers views of Fort Lauderdale’s Intracoastal Waterway and the Princess Cruises ships docked for departure. It also includes another interactive Ocean Tagalong experience that allows guests to direct their “creatures” through a series of screens by moving their arms and hands to control the creature’s swimming motions and directions, as guests prepare for ship boarding.

The Regal Princess will be the first ship to depart from the newly redesigned terminal, as it begins a series of preview cruises introducing Ocean Medallion Vacations.

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