Carnival Corporation Announces Expansion of Global Fleet Operations Centers

Carnival Glory

Carnival Corporation has announced that it has expanded its Fleet Operations Centers with the opening of a new facility in Seattle.

The company’s first Fleet Operations Center is located in Hamburg, Germany, with both centers providing real-time support for its 102-ship fleet, the largest in the cruise industry. Additionally, a third center will be added to the global network later this year, with construction set to be complete on a facility in Miami at the company’s headquarters.

The new Fleet Operations Centers uses a state-of-the-art tracking and data-analysis that enables real-time information sharing between Carnival Corporation ships and specialized onshore teams. The new system improves communication from ship to shore, allowing for safe passage of ships at sea while also improving operational efficiencies and supporting overall environmental initiatives.

The advanced system captures thousands of data points and provides real-time analytics for 28 distinct parameters for navigational safety from each ship. It then focuses on strategic areas to optimize safety, efficiency and overall fleet performance including:

  • Nautical Operations and Safety – including the capability to see real-time radar visuals, stability conditions, automation, the Safety Management and Command System, and webcams from each ship, along with GPS location, routing, ship conditions and weather data.
  • Procedural Optimization & Efficiency – including speeds, navigational data and engine conditions.
  • Sustainability – including fuel and energy usage, emissions levels, water and waste management.

The system called “Neptune” has been in use at the Carnival Maritime Fleet Operations Center (FOC) in Hamburg, Germany since October 2015. Carnival Corporation has been piloting the system with its European cruise line brands in Hamburg and Southampton, England. Due to its success, the company will continue rolling out the system this year to monitor ships sailing in the U.S. and Caribbean, through its Fleet Operation Centers in Miami and Seattle.

The new system is aligned with the company’s Arison Maritime Center, home of its Center for Simulator Maritime Training Academy (CSMART Academy), a maritime training, professional development and research facility in Almere, located just outside Amsterdam in the Netherlands.